Kevin Peterson

Facilities Director

"I love LGCC because at  a very young age I was able to build relationships that helped me as an adult to live for Jesus. Those relationships, along with the sacrifice that Jesus made for me saved my life. Also, I see God working here every day to change lives. For me that is worth giving your life‘s work to."  

Rob Shoaff

Executive Director

I love Little Galilee because it has proven itself to be a place where God shows up to speak into people’s hearts and lives over and over again

Max Aper

Program Director

“I LOVE LGCC! I grew up here, accepted Jesus into my heart, and answered the call to ministry here at LGCC. Getting the opportunity to love and serve your child is a great honor. I pray that LGCC will impact your child's life as it did in mine. I can't wait to see you on the Zip Line!”​

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Bev Angel

Office Manager

"I love the summer time here at LGCC when the grounds look so beautiful. I love to watch the campers in the summer so happy and enjoying all that LGCC has to offer. Most of all, I love to witness the campers talk about how LGCC changed their lives - because they were able to learn about Jesus."