These times cover ALL camps at LGCC. The term ALL refers to Outpost, Wilderness, Main, Wildpost camps unless otherwise noted. Check-in and Check-out takes place at Self-Control.


ALL full weeks of camp: Check-in starts 4:00 pm Sunday, pick up is at 4:00 pm Friday.

  • ALL Day Camps: Check-in starts at 8:00 am Saturday, pick up is 4:00 pm Saturday.

  • ALL (one) Overnight Camps: Check-in starts 6:00 pm Friday, pick up is 4:00 pm Saturday.

  • First Chance Camp: Check-in starts 4:00 pm Sunday, pick up is 4:00 pm Tuesday.

  • All Junior Main ½ week Sessions: Check-in starts 4:00 pm Sunday, pick up is 4:00 pm Tuesday.

    • Junior Main 1B: Check-in starts 6:00 pm Wednesday, pick up is 4:00 pm Friday.

  • Dads & Lads & Mother Daughter: Check-in starts at 6:00 pm Friday and dismissal is at 4:00 pm on Saturday.

  • Paintball Camps: Jr. High Paintball check-in starts at 4:00 pm Sunday and dismissal is 4:00 pm Tuesday. High School Paintball check-in starts 6:00pm Wednesday and Pick up is 4:00 pm Sunday.

What to expect for Check-in  

  • ALL camp Sessions will check-in at Self-Control - please follow the road signs and LGCC Representatives giving directions.

Please note: the Camp Roads are ONE-DIRECTIONAL and the speed limit is 10 mph. 

Enter at the Camp’s Main East Entrance and follow the road to Self-Control

Exit by following the loop to the west and south (Peterson Drive) and exit via the West Exit.



  • Please park your vehicle, leave all camp belongings in the vehicle, and proceed to Self-Control for check in. DO NOT attempt to enter other buildings as they will remain locked until all Campers have been checked-in. 

  • Registration will take place in the Dining Room. Once your child is registered, please drop off medication with the nurse who will be stationed in the Dining Room. Your child’s Camp Session Dean will also be available at this time should you have any questions.

  • Main Campers: Once registration is complete and all medicines turned in (if applicable), each camper may select the cabin in which they would like to bunk in. Sign up sheets will be available at Registration. If your child desires to bunk with a friend or sibling, please be sure to choose the same cabin. Once cabin selections have been made, there can be no changes. Cabins will occupy 32 total people and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be no writing names for others, only you or your camper will write one name.

    • Outpost, Wilderness and Speciality Campers: Once registration is complete and all medicines turned in (if applicable), campers are are to go to their camp's specific campsite or cabin. 

  • Main Campers: Once check-in is completed, medicines have been turned in, and cabin assignments have been made, please place your child’s camp belongings (bedding, clothes bag, etc.) on the porch of the cabin they chose at Registration. Once all campers have arrived, the cabins will be opened and your child may claim their bunk.  

As a reminder...Please do not attempt to enter the cabins as the CABINS WILL BE LOCKED but please feel free to pray with your child(ren) and say your goodbyes at this time. 

  • Main Camp campers will be asked to gather in the adult supervised green space in between Love, Joy, Peace and Patience. At this time, we ask that parents do come with their child. 


Other Important Information:

During Registration, the LGCC Camp Store will be open (Inside Self-Control). Available for purchase are various candy items, beverages, and some really great LGCC merchandise. Keep in mind that you can now pay with your credit card!