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For Details About The November 2, Remedy Drive Concert!

To sign up for the October 24,25 Ladies’ Retreat, the October 29 Senior Saints Day, the November 8 Men’s Retreat or the November 21 - 23 Sacred Rythym Retreat print off the Adult Registration Form, fill it out and mail with your payment.

   Ken Rutledge

Little Galilee Christian Camp Manager

Here Are The 2014 Camp Stats (So Far)

1,882 Youth Campers - A RECORD!

740 Adult Campers - We Have 4 More Adult Camps To Go!

112 Baptisms

6 Confessions Of Faith

62 Public Rededications To Live For Jesus

9 Campers Chose Vocational Ministry Or Bible College - A RECORD!

$23,104.02 Was Given To Missions! - A RECORD!




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